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The Moon Cake Touch at Traders Hotel, Shenyang
Moon Cake 2013

For the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, Traders Hotel, Shenyang launches 10 different delicate moon cake gift boxes with more than 20 flavours.

This year’s gift boxes have the traditional auspicious cloud as the main theme, and the boxes with exquisite embroidery and elegant silk signify luck. Traders Hotel, Shenyang has integrated traditional and modern moon cake flavours and has launched more than 20 flavours of moon cakes. The gift box from Traders Hotel can be the guests’ first choice in expressing sincere wishes and regards for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Assorted nuts meets the demand of traditional guests, whereas sugar-free moon cakes are prepared for guests who want to maintain a fine and healthy lifestyle. In addition, moon cakes with abalone sauce, Chaozhou-style taro paste and Su-style pumpkin chestnut have been created for different demands. The Egg Yolk and White Lotus Moon Cakes have been awarded for four consecutive years. The 10 gift boxes and hampers are ideal for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.

Traders Hotel, Shenyang highlights its priority in ensuring food safety with a HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  certification and an ISO9001 certification. The hotel’s moon cakes are produced under stringent safety controls that meet the quality food safety principles for organisations operating within the food supply chain.

To order, visit the hotel lobby on Level 1 of Traders Hotel, Shenyang or call (86 24) 2341 2288 to 6227/6417.