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Qufu, China, 25 June 2015 – Shangri-la Hotel, Qufu invites children to experience a mind-body training of Confucius culture to enhance self-awareness, build confidence and set their mindset through six periods of the“Confucius Class” packagesfrom 10 July 2015. 


The hotel has cooperated with Yaya baby school to adopt an experiential method using a combination of children’s psychology exposure and characteristic to develop all aspects of a child’s abilities.  Through the hotel’s hospitable service and well- equipped facilities, children and their parents will not only spend a meaningful holiday in Qufu, but also be able to communicate with each other more than usual. 


Two class packages of five days and one day have been well-prepared for the children.  They may also choose from different room types based on their schedules and interests.  The Children’s Five-Day Confucius Class Package starts at RMB5, 388 plus 15 per cent service charge. The one-day package starts at RMB1, 088 plus 15 per cent service charge per night.

The classes have been incorporated with lots of interests and activities integrating Confucius’ philosophies, ‘six arts’ education and outdoor experiential education.  During the children’s classes, parents may also experience a deeply touching Confucius culture through Qufu’s local culture and scenic spots. 


Children may enjoy a refreshing and unforgettable experience during summer the holidays at Shangri-la Hotel, Qufu through the special Confucius class packages from 10 July to 19 August 2015. 


The only international luxury hotel in Qufu, Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu sits in the heart of the city centre – within walking distance to Confucius Temple and Confucius Mansion.  The high-speed train station connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai is only a 15-minute drive away.  The hotel’s whole design concept is based on Confucius’ “Six Arts”, offering a tranquil, balanced and inviting atmosphere for guests to stay and get closer to where Confucius was born and lived. 


The hotel boasts 322 spacious rooms on the East Wing with either the beauty of city or river views from a balcony, high speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, an enticing arrangement of four restaurants and bars and world-class fitness and swim facilities for extensive entertainment.  Kids can find many outdoor activities to keep themselves active, such as a square playground with a slide, archery, fishing and badminton and basketball courts in the hotel’s landscaped garden. 


The Kong family cuisine is the signature cuisine at Shang Palace, where such legendary dishes as Kong Mansion’s Eight Treasures and “Gingko” Poetry Rites, are uniquely and culture-idyllically presented with a fine taste.