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Resort Engineering Department Invents Pedal Powered Smoothie Blender

Resort Engineering Department Invents Pedal Powered Smoothie Blender

In line with its ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, the projects team at Golden Sands Resort, Penang invented an eco-friendly smoothie blender that runs on pedal power.

“The project was mooted by our resort general manager, Keith Tomkies, who suggested the idea to Mohammed Asif, the resort’s director of food and beverage. Asif approached Engineering, and Puspakaran, Saravanan and Bajaringi from our projects team got together and built this prototype within five days,” said Puebalan Muniandy, who is also the project head and assistant chief engineer at Golden Sands Resort. “The total cost of the project was less than MYR 150 nett as we had repurposed an existing three-wheeled street food cart. The smoothie blender is new and it cost MYR 98 nett, and we replaced the food cart seat for MYR 50 nett.”

The pedal-powered smoothie blender works on a pulley principle. The blender is attached to a horizontal pulley installed and linked to the back tyre of the three-wheeled cart. Every time the tyre moves, the pulley will turn, which causes the blender to churn.

The mobile smoothie blender has been making its rounds on the grounds of the resort with Asif pedalling around, promoting smoothies to resort guests.

Six flavours of ice-blended smoothies comprise strawberry, banana, pineapple, mango, raspberry and chocolate for MYR 24++ per serving. For more details, please call Restaurants Marketing Manager Norashidah Hussain at (04) 886 1911. 



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