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Summer coolers with steaming dimsum

What happens when you pair refreshing fruity summer cocktails with an array of dim sum? You may call it bliss; we call it Shangri-La’s Gourmet magic. Patrons can relish refreshing and fruity cocktails with a basket of dim sum at Island Bar.

Vegetarians can enjoy Spinach, Enoki and Mushroom Dim Sum, Spicy Radish and Glass Noodle Dim Sum and Cottage Cheese and Pokchoy Dim Sum. Guests can also enjoy non-vegetarian delights, such as Crystal Prawns and Chives Dim Sum, Scallops and Shimji Mushroom and Chicken and Shiktake and Celery Dim Sum.

Order from our selection of exotic cocktails and get a complimentary basket of delectable dim sum at Island Bar. 

The cocktail selection includes Sciroco (the lovechild of everyone’s favourite cocktails-the Cosmopolitan and  Mojito with fresh grape vodka and cranberry juice), Ginger Beer (a wonderfully grown-up sunny cooler of freshly squeezed lemon juice and home-made ginger syrup topped with crisp ice cold Lager), Hot Mama (close your eyes as you sip this tropical concoction of coconut vodka, fresh watermelon juice and a touch of chili), Skinny Cosmo (a full- flavoured Cosmo without the sugar and just a deliciously fruity combination of redberry vodka, cranberry juice and a splash of fresh lime) and, to conclude the selection, pick up Blue Hawaii (a little bit of tropical Hawaiian paradise adapted from a recipe by Harry Yee in 1957 which includes grape vodka, blue curacao and freshly squeezed pineapple juice all together in tiki perfection).

For details, please call (91 11) 4119 1030

Price: starting at INR 700 plus taxes
Date: 10 June to 10 July 2013
Timing: 3pm – 12 midnight