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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Invites Guests To Experience Something Different With Experience It

As part of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ global corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta launches an Experience It programme to invite guests holding meetings or events at the hotel to participate in activities with CSR elements.  This initiative is expected to help create a memorable experience and foster greater connections among attendees, while providing them a local taste of playful learning about environmentally friendly practices or promoting health and wellness.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has enhanced its global meeting and event offerings with a new Experience It programme featuring engaging and inspiring activities tied to the hotels’ CSR and sustainability initiatives. 

The global initiative is based on today’s facts where more meeting organisers are asking for alternative offerings that will spark creativity and engagement and have CSR elements.  To engage guests, Shangri-la properties around the globe introduce sustainability initiatives through such programmes as themed coffee breaks, team building exercises and activities that cater to the guests’ needs and energise the attendees. 

“Planting coral cones in a marine sanctuary, painting a school, engaging with local farmers on an eco-tour – these are just a few of the many ‘Experience It’ activities available at our hotels worldwide,” said Mandy Chan, Shangri-La’s director of Corporate Events Management. 

At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, meetings and events are no longer just about venues.  The hotel believes that they are about a space for creativity and engagement where memorable experiences are made, knowing it could also reduce harm on the environment. 

Meeting guests can do things differently and for a purpose by participating in the hotel’s touch points of social responsibility experiences.  The menu of Experience It activities are designed around three categories: 

  • People & Planet includes activities with children from a hotel’s local Embrace, Shangri-La’s Care for People project, and conservation activities under Sanctuary, Shangri-La’s Care for Nature projects.

    The hotel invites guests to make a difference during their in-between-meeting break times by interacting with the children of Yayasan As-Syafi’iyah as the hotel’s Embrace beneficiary through a HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? postcard.  They will write words of encouragement or a simple greeting in English to encourage the children to communicate in English.

  • Green Bolt utilises such eco-friendly amenities as glass water bottles or on-site venues, such as herb gardens and solar decks, and incorporates elements of environmental efficiency.

    The hotel invites guests to step away from the meeting room to have a green-themed coffee break in its herb garden.  They can benefit from their break by learning about the varieties of herbs and plants in the garden and the health benefit of each.

  • Be Well features fresh, sustainable and local dining options and healthy and rejuvenating activities.

    The hotel encourages guests to consume in-season produce from the most sustainable options possible with a green menu as part of its collaboration with the hotel’s appointed organic farm to serve healthy and pesticide-free ingredients.

For detailed information on Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta's Experience It programme, please call (62 21) 2922 9947, email or visit

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