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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Appoints Georg Hessler As Executive Sous Chef

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Appoints Georg Hessler As Executive Sous Chef

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta recently appointed Georg Hessler as a new executive sous chef.  Chef Georg joins the Shangri-La family for the first time, bringing his wide-ranging experience from all over the globe to Jakarta.

Chef Hessler was only 15 when he started his venture in the culinary world by helping his grandparents in their patisserie.  He went on to become a butcher, his first job.  The Berlin-born chef obtained his culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of Oldenburg, Germany in 1993.  Since then, he has travelled to every part of the world to refine his culinary skills.

He has nearly two decades of experience working in three Michelin star kitchens, five tar hotels and prestigious cruise lines in several countries, including Germany, Belgique, Monaco, Australia and now Indonesia.  He has also cooked for many famous personalities, such as Tina Turner, Elton John and the Givenchy brothers.

In creating his dishes, his method is preparing classic food and bringing it to the present time, making it more modern by making it healthier and using new cooking techniques with a good presentation.

“To be a chef is an art.  It is nice to create something special and I just happen to love cooking, which cooking is an art,” said Chef Hessler.

The chef, who idolises Marco Pierre White, also mentioned that one of the reasons he comes to this country is to learn more about satay and sambal uleg, since these Indonesian dishes have become very popular in Europe.

During his spare time, Chef Hessler loves to cook with his wife at home for their two sons.  As executive sous chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, he is responsible for the hotel’s five restaurants, Lobby Lounge, banquet and in-room dining.

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