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Benson Fok, The Executive Chinese Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Benson Fok, The Executive Chinese Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Benson Fok Ping Kong have joined the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta family as the Executive Chinese Chef and led the Shang Palace versatile team of chef since 2008.

Chef Benson began his culinary experience more than thirty years ago in Hong Kong, when he was barely 14 years old.  His dedication and style later took him to several countries around Asia, such as Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia.  Although this is not his first time in Jakarta, it is his first time to work with the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts group.  After working for several five-star hotels and restaurants, he finally took the challenge of returning to Jakarta to lend his culinary creativity and innovations to Shang Palace.

Chef Benson believes in creating authentic Chinese delicacies by combining the freshest ingredients and cooking techniques to retain the flavours, scents and textures.  Chef Benson also shows his versatility when serving guests.  Whether he is cooking for a banquet of 4,000 people or for a small gathering of five, he always keeps the consistency of the quality of the dish.

The Shang Palace Chinese restaurant combines contemporary and classic Chinese décor.  It has 327 seats, six private dining rooms and the Lotus Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 200 people for a standing reception, 100 guests for a banquet with a dance floor and stage, 120 people for a banquet without a dance floor or stage, or 100 people for a buffet-style function.  For reservations and information, please call (62 21) 2939 9562 or access the website at



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