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Shangri-la Hotel, Baotou Presented Lantern Festival Gala Dinner

Shangri-la Hotel, Baotou Presented Lantern Festival Gala Dinner

Shangri-la Hotel, Baotou presented a Lantern Festival Gala Dinner at Grand Ballroom on 5 March 2015. About 400 guests celebrated the traditional Lantern Festival with their families in the hotel.

The fashionable luminous lion dance opened the gala dinner on 6:48pm. Forty hotel chefs served the first dish of “Pun Choi” to the guests by fantastic catwalk show.  The local artists and magician made an exciting and fashionable live show. The performances from hotel colleagues also won guests’ praises. Guests also enjoyed a happy time for traditional guessing lantern riddles. The highlight of the gala dinner is the lucky draw of staying in Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa.

The dinner was also creative. Except for Pun Choi, the sauteed lobster with broccoli and almond flakes is another signature dish created by hotel Chinese Executive, Tim Chen. The rice glue ball is a traditional food for the Lantern Festival. A special three colored rice glue balls with three tastes and cooking methods gave more choices and surprise to the guests.

The gala dinner also presented a colorful firework show by lighting at the Grand Ballroom. It guided the guests to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way by reducing fireworks playing.

“It’s a creative way to let dozen’s of families celebrate the traditional Chinese festival together in our hotel.  The hotel colleagues from every department did a great job to offer our guests a warm family feeling”, said Steven Zhang, general manager.



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