Biochar Project

SLCM is helping reduce pollution, generate jobs and support the community with one key ingredient – biochar. Similar to charcoal, biochar is made by burning organic material from agricultural waste which safely stores carbon that can’t easily escape into the atmosphere, helping mitigate climate change. SLCM has partnered with the Warm Heart Foundation to purchase ovens and employ two local youth teams to collectively produce 50 tonnes of biochar. SLCM then donates the biochar to local farmers to use as fertiliser.

GM Gabriele Lombardo said: “Forest fires significantly raise Chiang Mai’s air pollution levels, so we hope more villagers start to see biochar as a viable alternative to burning. They can earn more money by converting husks and stalks into biochar which doesn’t emit PM2.5 particles into the air. Cleaner air leads to better health conditions for the community and in turn more tourists visiting the city."


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