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The Beach Villa Team
Our guests’ extraordinary experiences begin from the moment they arrive, with a warm welcome from the Villa Manager and Villa Team. Comprised of four butlers and one chef who are available for around-the-clock requests, from packing and unpacking to cleaning rooms, and arranging excursions to setting up a dinner – no need will go unmet.

The Villa Manager has the knowledge and skill to curate an experience that will create memories to last a lifetime and help guests celebrate the special occasions. Even when leaving the comfort of their villa, every experience is attended by a butler. Should guests wish to embark on a boat for a day on the water, the butler will assure the same impeccable and tailor-made service that they have in their villa. Guests can enjoy being served a gourmet lunch on a serene beach, find a refreshing beverage waiting upon returning from a snorkelling excursion and expect every want to be anticipated no matter where they are.

Intuitive service – answering unspoken needs
As guests become familiarised with their island home, the observant Villa Team will discreetly identify their needs, preferences and desires. While guests enjoy their holiday and the company of friends and family, the staff caters to every desire with finesse, taste and subtlety. Guests are immersed in an environment of relaxation, a genuine home that serves as a sanctuary of well-being and an experience that is highly personalised in every way.

Just like home, all meals are prepared in the villa’s own kitchen, by the Villa chef. The delicious dishes feature the finest flavours. The Villa manager goes to the local market daily to collect fresh ingredients for the meals of the villa guests, so they are well-treated that Mauritius’ natural bounty has to offer. Meals are tailor-made for the guests; there is no set menu and everything is customised to their preferences.