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Pinel & Pinel's staggering christmas at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

A hotel for a prince and the prince of hotels, it was only natural that Shangri-La Hotel, Paris would call upon the youngest French luxury house, the trunk-maker Pinel & Pinel, to create their Christmas decorations.

In association with the artist Arthur Simony, Maison Pinel & Pinel, which has already made its mark in excess, will be in charge of dreaming up Christmas for a unique Parisian hotel. This type of Christmas will be a perfect symbiosis between tradition and innovation: tradition through know-how and innovation through conception. Shangri-La Hotel, Paris has many points of contact with Maison Pinel & Pinel's philosophy.

The Maison will design nativity trees and an advent calendar with audacity and romanticism, thanks to artist Arthur Simony's input. This unique artist possesses a creative poetry that works in perfect harmony with the impertinence of Maison Pinel & Pinel's creations.

Three fir trees in original shapes will each be covered with leather, like a suitcase. The first, in the form of an arch, will be placed at the entrance of the hotel to welcome guests. At their leisure, guests will be able to pass through the arch, a symbol of transition and transformation; a quasi-magical transformation which occurs in the rotunda in the shadow of the "upside-down" tree.

The centrepiece of the installations for this celebratory month of December is the 4-metre-tall fir tree that will display Arthur Simony's delicate creation, an art installation composed of keys, the significance of which is clear.

The third component of the installation will be situated at La Bauhinia restaurant. Maison Pinel & Pinel will cover this fir tree with leather and scatter it with Haribo sweets.

Finally, the other central feature of these unique installations will be the advent calendar, a structure of 24 revamped and glorified post boxes each containing a present. At the start of each day, La Bauhinia customers will randomly pick an envelope out of a bowl to see if they have won the right to open the day's box. If they have, the client may keep the present they find inside.

By now, guests will have understood that Christmas celebrations at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris* are born, without a doubt, under the sign of audacity and creativity.

* Christmas decorations from 29 November 2013 until 5 January 2014.

About Maison Pinel & Pinel
In under a decade, Fred Pinel (founder) has been able to develop a luxury house with original and traditional characteristics: Pinel & Pinel. A trunk-maker a bit out of the ordinary, unique in its field, it reinterprets the rules of French luxury with impertinence. The Pinel & Pinel collections are exclusive and contemporary. The manufacturing respects the tradition of craftsmanship and of Haute-Façon, which means that the trunks and accessories are always a careful blend of recent technology and exceptional materials: crocodile skin, shagreen or full grain leather-meets–carbon-and-titanium.

For Pinel & Pinel, the "made in France", or rather "made in Paris", signature is a reality since all of their creations are made by hand to order, and are brought to life inside their Montmartre workshop. In 2008, Frédéric Pinel was awarded "Talent d'or" by his peers, artisans of high luxury.

About Mr Arthur Simony
Arthur Simony is dedicated to artistic creation, to all artwork and media that cross his path; ranging from graffiti to street art installations, which he captures through photography and video. Blessed with a sensitive side and a poetic vision of the world, his works reveal a fragile and profoundly romantic character.