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CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, Haikou, features a selection of treatments that showcase the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and use natural botanical and herbal products for their therapeutic properties.

The spa uses French Phytomer skin care products use ingredients derived from the sea to rejuvenate skin.

Characteristic Massage— DANCE OF THE SEA BODY MASSAGE 

Inspired by the scenery of the coast, “Dance of the Sea” is a new signature body massage that CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La is proud to present. This fluid, rhythmic massage uses “tiger cowrie” shells that are collected locally. Long strokes along the body's muscles and meridians are combined with dance-like hand motions and pressure point treatments to bring about a deep sense of balance and harmony. 90 minutes/RMB 1,280

Wellness Massage— CHI BALANCE 

A gentle, yet firm palm-pressure massage which follows the body’s meridian lines to revitalise one’s “protective qi” for deep relaxation and peace of mind. Recommended for jetlag and insomnia. 75minutes/RMB980 


French sea mud is known around the world for its ability to treat aches and pains. When applied on the body, it can help relieve discomfort from sore muscles and rheumatism. 30minutes/RMB480


A deep-cleansing and purifying treatment, this facial effectively balances oil secretion, unclogs, cleans and minimises pores while enhancing skin renewal. Recommended for all skin types. 60minutes/RMB780

RMB 6,000 Great ValueCHISPA Annual Card; gaining various exclusive benefits 

10% discount on all CHI, The Spa items 

20% discount on all CHI, The Spa products 

15% discount on Food and Beverage services (not applicable to services availed through events and special promotions)

20% discount on laundry services 

Access to the health club facilities after each therapy

Obtain a credit worth RMB 500 that can be used to pay for food & beverage services, rooms, spa services and items and services at other outlets (except shops) 


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11:00am – 11:00 pm


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