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Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

This light-to-medium pressure Swedish massage is designed with all of your needs in mind. Choose from a selection of natural aromatherapy oils to enhance your spa experience. An excellent choice for first-time spa-goers.

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 283
90 minutes MYR 377

Traditional Massage

Using stronger pressure, this massage uses pressure point techniques to work on the deeper layers of your body to release muscle tension.

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 283
90 minutes MYR 377

Rasa Hot Stone Massage

Feel your tension melt away with the use of specially-selected heated river stones. When worked along the muscle cords, the stones ease muscle soreness and release tension knots along the way.

Duration Single
90 minutes MYR 466

Soothing Foot Massage

After a long day, this massage will help to reduce swelling of the legs
and ankles, stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress. 

Duration Single
30 minutes MYR 169
45 minutes MYR 240

Stress-Relieving Neck and Back Massage

This focused massage quickly helps to release tension and relieve
pain in the neck, back and shoulders. This is an ideal treatment for
those who are short on time.      

Duration Single
30 minutes MYR 188
45 minutes MYR 241

Massage for Two

Make time to reconnect with a loved one, best friend or family
member, with a massage set within one of our suites for two.
Two therapists work in unison to provide an unforgettable experience.
*Both massages must be identical in duration.     

Duration Single
60 minutes MYR 566
90 minutes MYR 754

  • All prices quoted are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and inclusive of 10% service charge. 6% government tax is exempted until 30 June 2021.