Modern and Advanced technology


9 high-speed Hitachi passenger lifts; maximum speed 5 metres/second.

HVAC System

Designed for a cooling load of 75 tons per floor; variable air volume air conditioning system; pre-treated fresh air by a primary air unit; 24-hour condensing water supply available for equipment cooling.


The electricity loading per floor is designed at 70VA per square metre; a 250-amp 3-phase MCCB “plug-in” unit is provided for each floor.

Fire Services

An automatic fire detection and alarm system, fire hydrants, and a sprinkler system are provided.

BMS System

A computer-based, automated facilities management system monitors and supervises all building, fire, lift and safety services.  The system also controls the lighting levels of the main lobby and adjusts air conditioning temperatures to ensure environmental comfort and safety at all times while maintaining energy efficiency.

Raised Floor

Each floor tile is 600mm x 600mm square and in the region of 100-150mm above the structural floor slab.