Frequently Asked Questions


What is Shangri-La Circle?

  • Shangri-La is transforming the Golden Circle loyalty programme to Shangri-La Circle. Shangri-La Circle will have a refreshed brand identity, enhanced digital platforms and a focus on more personalised, curated offerings.

How can I become a Shangri-La Circle member?

  • If you are an existing Golden Circle Member, your account will be migrated to Shangri-La Circle. There is no action required from your side. Shangri-La Circle is free to join, and can be done so here.

Do I need to redeem all my GC Award Points before Shangri-La Circle launches?

  • No, your GC Award Points balance will be carried forward to your Shangri-La Circle membership. Under Shangri-La Circle, your existing GC Award Points will simply be known as Points and will have a fixed redemption value of 15 Points to 1 USD for all Shangri-La products and experiences.

Will my membership tier change?

  • Shangri-La Circle has the same membership tiers as Golden Circle and your tier will remain the same.

Are there new qualifying requirements for Jade & Diamond tiers?

  • From Thursday 28 April 2022, the tier qualification criteria will no longer include number of stays at Shangri-La Hotels but will retain the number of qualifying nights criteria and also introduce an alternative qualifying criterion of Tier Points. This means that even when you are not staying with Shangri-La Hotels, Elite status can still be earned.
Current Tier Qualification Shangri-La Circle Tier Qualification
Jade 20 Nights or 10 Stays 20 Nights or 6,000 Tier Points
Diamond 50 Nights or 25 Stays 50 Nights or 15,000 Tier Points

*USD1=1 Tier Point

How can I earn Tier Points?

  • Tier Points include any base points earned when staying, dining or shopping with Shangri-La, bonus points (such as the 25% and 50% bonus points earned by Jade and Diamond members respectively) do not count towards Tier Points.

Shangri-La Circle launches on Thursday 28 April 2022, will my nights and spend before that count towards tier status?

  • Yes, any eligible nights and spend since 1 January 2022 will be carried into Shangri-La Circle and will count towards tier status.

Will I receive a new membership card? / when will I receive my new membership card?

  • Membership cards are available via the Shangri-La mobile App. A physical membership card can be requested via the “Dashboard” section of your membership profile. Alternatively you can contact us to request a replacement card.

Can I still use my current Golden Circle card to get Shangri-La Circle benefits?

  • Yes, your Golden Circle membership card will still be valid after the launch of Shangri-La Circle.

I didn’t receive the email explaining Shangri-La Circle. Where can I find more information?

  • All the information regarding Shangri-La Circle can be found here. If you need further assistance, please contact us. In order to ensure you receive important communication from us, we encourage you to update your communication preferences by logging into your membership account and reviewing communication preferences.

Where can I check my new Shangri-La Circle status?

  • Shangri-La Circle will launch on 28 April 2022, access to your membership and your tier will remain unchanged. You can log into your membership account here

Will SLC Points retain validity of up to 3 years (same as GC Award Points)?

  • Yes. Points will still have a validity of up to 3 years, this will not change.

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