Rasa Ria’s Sarimpak Robe

At Rasa Ria, we are proud to share our latest initiative, aligned with our vision to 'Do Good' promoting sustainability whilst creating a positive impact and supporting the local Tuaran community with our latest robes available for adults and children for our Ocean Wing guests.

The idea came about towards the end of the pandemic in 2022 in our effort to do more for the local Tuaran community to have a sustainable income leveraging on their skillsets and boosting the cultural heritage, supplementing their income and uplifting the community.

With the help from Changgih Designs to recruit the artisans for the Rasa Ria robes, we worked with 8 artisan mothers from Tuaran. The project took an accumulative 1519 fair wage hours to complete from selecting the fabrics to handcrafting the designs and right to the tailoring, all created exclusively for Rasa Ria.

The design on the robes is uniquely local, inspired by the Sarimpak, an iconic ornament worn by the Bajau Samah people of Sabah as part of their ceremonial costume. The Sarimpak fabric design, traditionally crafted by the skilled hands of artisan mothers, showcases their incredible talent and cultural heritage. The headgear is formally worn by the Bajau bride-to-be for weddings, shaped like the horns of a water buffalo.


Pantai Dalit, PO Box 600, Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 89208 Malaysia


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