Our Heritage

An Asian Hospitality Icon

Robert Kuok’s travel experiences in some of the finest hotels in Europe served as the blueprint for the first Shangri-La Hotel. He wanted it to be of high quality with a balance of aesthetics and functionality. In terms of hospitality, he was unwavering that every stranger be warmly welcomed as a friend.

Some 50 years on, the Group continues to deliver on this promise of bringing exceptional customer experience and service to any guest walking through its doors.

Over the years, the Shangri-La Group has earned a special place in people's heart. We have had the privilege of witnessing history being made as well as to play a part in history. As the venue for many historic events – local and global – we take as much pride and joy in hosting dignitaries and celebrities as we do in celebrating those significant life moments with families and individuals. We remain a favourite with locals and foreigners – a well-loved Asian icon.

Bringing Asia to the World

We proudly bring our Asian heritage to the world and share its cultural richness in all our properties. We draw inspiration from its many diverse and colourful cultures and strive to bring the essence of each Asian city to life through the designs of our buildings and its unique interiors.

We honour Asia’s traditions through the flavours of its many cuisines served at our restaurants. Our people best exemplify our Asian culture through the authentic ways and thoughtful service we deliver to our guests.

Our strengths lie in having both an Asian and cosmopolitan outlook. We are better able to understand the preferences of our increasingly urbane and well-travelled customers and to find innovative solutions to meet their needs.

This care for people is the bedrock upon which the Shangri-La Group stands, and which distinguishes us as Asia’s leading hospitality company.