Strong global portfolio of diverse businesses

Our Businesses

The Shangri-La brand is synonymous with Asian luxury hospitality and service excellence. We own and manage one of the world’s iconic Asian hospitality brands with a strong following among both locals and global travellers.

Since our first hotel in Singapore in 1971, we have been setting new trends and standards in hospitality. From our strong base in Asia, our businesses have expanded to cover a diverse portfolio of global assets comprising hotels, mixed-use developments and residential properties for sale.

As a leader in the hospitality industry, we have the network, experience and expertise to bring business ideas from concept to completion, and to scale for profitability. We have forged many strong and lasting partnerships built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. We constantly strive to deliver long-term financial growth for our investors.

With close to five decades of hospitality experience, we understand not only what our customers want but what they need. We take a customer-centric approach in everything we do. This means challenging ourselves to find innovative solutions and offerings to bring greater value to the modern traveller and customer. This is also where our status as owner-developer-operator gives us a strong advantage. We have the ability and flexibility to respond quickly and proactively to changing market conditions and customer needs. We believe that only by seeing the world through the eyes of our customers, can we continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Hotels and Resorts

Pioneers of Asian Hospitality

Our culture of service excellence continues to underpin our family of four hotel brands: Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Kerry Hotels, JEN by Shangri-La and Traders. Each brand brings their distinctive personalities to suit different travellers’ needs and lifestyles.

Investment Properties

Iconic Global Projects

We have the experience and proven track record to create sustainable living spaces and to draw diverse communities together to enhance the life and vibrancy of local precincts.

Properties For Sale

Eye for Luxury and Prime Real Estate

Our residential projects are built on prime real estate and designed to bring the same high level of luxurious hotel living to the privacy of individual homes.

Restaurants and Bars

Innovative Dining Concepts

At Shangri-La Group, we have some of the world’s leading culinary talents and close to 50 years of experience operating food and beverage outlets globally. We are passionate in taking what we know best to create exciting and innovative culinary and dining experiences for our customers.


Holistic Programmes for the Modern Urbanite

Today’s modern urbanite and global travellers have diverse fitness and lifestyle goals. We have the capabilities to design and manage the most conducive and comprehensive training gyms, fitness regimes and wellness programmes to meet these goals.

Family Experiences

Creating Memorable Family Moments

We design programmes for families to explore meaningful play and to bond through fun-based learning activities. From our family-themed suites to our family-centric facilities, we encourage our guests – young and old - to create their own experiences. They discover their own memorable moments and quality time together.


Partner With Us

We are well-positioned to work with other real estate owners given our ownership mindset and deep expertise in property management and operations. Our strong industry network and trusted brand name make us a valued business partner for growth.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Shangri-La Group operates with a responsible and sustainable mindset. We like to work with like-minded partners to deliver the best experiences for our guests and customers.