Summer by La Bauhinia

The new concept by Quentin Testart at Shangri-La Paris

The arrival of Executive Chef Quentin Testart marks the start of a new journey for Shangri-La Paris, in the setting of one of the capital's most secret gardens, offering dishes devoted to the flavours of the high seas. 


On 1st of May, Shangri-La Paris will be revealing a whole new creative menu that asserts its identity and breaks away from the classical conventions of gastronomy, an identity trip. This marine menu is made to be shared and heartily enjoyed, a taste of which can be already found at the restaurant La Bauhinia.




For more information, please call +33 1 5367 1998 or email us at paris@shangri-la.com


A Secret Garden

As warmer days come up and until October, La Bauhinia will be honouring the summer season.

The restaurant has taken over a very confidential garden in the west of Paris, sheltered from the gazes of passers-by and facing the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Imagined as an indoor-outdoor living space, Summer by La Bauhinia plays both ways: the fresh atmosphere of a dining room opening out onto lush greenery, and the magic of tables set in a private garden.

Cosmopolitan Seafood Cuisine

Cradled by his memories of Brittany and marked by his first experiences working in seafood brigades, Quentin Testart has taken the opportunity to combine what he takes at heart: marine products and his taste for travel. 

Borrowing the best cutting techniques, cooking methods, spice blends, and condiments from around the globe, he applies them with perfection to the world of seafood cuisine.


Sharing Spirit And Conviviality

The goal of this new proposal? Embrace conviviality, pave the way to surprise, and the urge to “taste everything” rather than sticking to former conventions.

The Gamberro Rossa are pecked on a bed of Sticky Rice that can be shared.

The Spider Crab
, with Thai pomelo, a yuzu gel, and a bisque emulsion, is shared in a little spoon.

The same mezze-style sharing is found in the Tuna Tataki with Thai spring onion and refreshed by a ponzu sauce.

The Love Of Travel

Among the most long-awaited dishes?

The Meagre is cooked first at a low temperature and then wrapped in a banana leaf, accompanied by a fondue of carrots, runner beans, and coconut.

The Lobster in little ravioli pastels, bathed in a wonton broth, baby spinach, Taggiasche olives, and capers are laying over the Red Mullet, drizzled with a real bouillabaisse jus.

Exceptions Loved By Everyone

And if vegetarians can embark on a memorable static journey with a bouillabaisse-inspired vegetable dish with lotus flowers, curry-coriander and yuzu gel, the Chef proposes two meat dishes for all the incorrigible carnivores: Lacquered Poultry prepared in a Levant style and an Entrecote Wagyu served with a Béarnaise sauce.

Executive Chef Quentin Testart

At 28 years old, Quentin Testart becomes the youngest Executive Chef of the Parisian Palaces.

Eager to break away from the typical conventions of the fine dining offered by palaces to embrace a cuisine with a strong identity, firmly centered on the sea and flavours.