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Durian Sweet Treats Indulgence
Dining 18 Jul 2022 - 31 Aug 2022

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Executive Pastry Chef, Julien Gourmelon and his team are geared up this summer to surprise your taste buds with tantalising treats, using only the best quality picks of the season. These durian-inspired pastries showcase the smoothness and distinct aroma of durians perfectly encapsulated in the golden crust, making them one of the best sweet treats to enjoy this summer. 

-Musang King Mille-Feuille (HKD680 1.5lb whole cake / HKD75 per piece for 1 person) 
-D24 Japanese Roll (HKD600 1.5lb whole cake / HKD55 per piece for 1 person)

Durian Sweet Treats Indulgence are available from 18 July to 31 August 2022 on Shangri-La Boutique online or Island Gourmet at Level 5 of Island Shangri-La.
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