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Master Chef Premium Rice Dumpling Gift Box - Chef Kam Siew Tong

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Seafood Rice Dumpling: Presented by Chef Kam Siew Tong, Executive Chinese Chef, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

This Dragon Boat Festive, Chef Kam presents a special rice dumpling containing all the premium ingredients such as sea cucumbers, dried scallops, fish maw, salty eggs, and fresh abalone. All the ingredients cooked for 4-5 hours for guests to savour its best flavour.

Chef Kam, a native Chinese born and raised in Malaysia, has over 40 years of culinary experience and has worked in various cities in China. Not only has he assimilated the country’s different culinary cultures, but he has also integrated these cooking concepts with his own ideas to create a variety of plated surprises.

In addition, to uphold the principle of health, he carefully prepares dishes that are both nutritious and appealing. Moreover, with a belief in natural tastes with no additives, he insists on using natural ingredients that are good for a person’s health.

Each gift box contains one tantalising rice dumpling. 800g x 1 piece.

Available now for a limited time at selected Shangri-La hotels across Mainland China. Collection dates and time vary across all hotel. Please refer to the confirmation email for further details.

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