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Function Rooms
VenueCapacity & Setup StyleDimension (m)Area (sqm)Ceiling (m)
Grand Ballroom90052.5 x 27.59
Foyer60024053.8 x 12.36405.7
Tian Mu Hu50054624028817.5 x 27.55109
Chang Dang Hu50054624028817.5 x 27.55109
Xi Tai Hu50054624028817.5 x 27.55109
Bai He15021613214419.9 x 13.12623.7
Yi Zhou, Hong Mei & Zi Jing15020013212030 x 7.52314
Yi Zhou5072364810 x 7.5774
Hong Mei5072364810 x 7.5774
Zi Jing5072364810 x 7.5774
Ju Ren80100607213.7 x 9.71393.8
Ju De2020202013.7 x 9.71303.8
Ju Xing3232323213.7 x 8.21334
Chairman's Room4030 x 2374