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Seasonal Attraction

Discover the wonders of Shangri-La

The rich natural resources and diversified culture in Shangri-La bring a wide range of choice for leisure travelers.

January - Ge Dong Festival
Ge Dong Festival

February - Tibet New Year
Tibet New Year

March - Snow Mountain Tour
Snow Mountain Tour

April - Primroses and Dandelion Blossom
Primroses and Dandelion Blossom

May - Blossom Season
Blossom Season

June - Little Rhododendrons Blossom
Little Rhododendrons Blossom

June - Xuanzi Festival
Xuanzi Festival

July - Dengba Festival
Dengba Festival

August - Matsutake Mushroom Picking
Matsutake Mushroom Picking

August - Summer Green
Summer Green

August - Pilgrimage - Meili Mountain
Pilgrimage - Meili Mountain

September - Chinese Stellera Blossom
Chinese Stellera Blossom

October - Highland Barley Harvest
Highland Barley Harvest

November - Snow Mountain Tour
Snow Mountain Tour

December - Bird Watching - Napa Lake
Bird Watching - Napa Lake