Shang Palace

A twist on traditional cuisines

Chinese Sous Chef Zhang Nan applies his imaginative skills to Chinese cuisine that is both authentic and contemporary.

Beef Ribs with Red Wine

Tender beef ribs with onion and pepper, marinated in a tomato and red wine sauce, topped with pine nuts.

Double Boiled Pigeon Soup

Red dates, pork and reishi mushroom are simmered with the pigeon for a perfect soup.

Roasted duck with four spices

An innovation of Chinese Sous Chef Zhang Nan, inspired by the famous Beijing Roast Duck. This version features Shaanxi spices, honey melon sauce, sour cherry sauce, kiwi sauce, wasabi sauce and traditional Chinese sweet flour sauce.

Shaanxi Liang Pi with Chilli Sesame Sauce

Steamed flour paste noodles, served with a piquant chilli and sesame sauce.


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Designated outdoor smoking area available.