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CHI Signature Treatments

CHI Signature Treatments take full advantage of our all-inclusive treatment suites, which embody our spa's philosophy. Each treatment begins with a footbath and tea service, followed by an aromatic steam.

CHI Aroma Vitality

A massage bringing together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu, and lymphatic drainage combined with the therapeutic qualities of aromatic essential oils. This treatment is designed to strengthen the body's vital energy.

Duration Single
80 min (Mon-Thu) CAD 195
80 min (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 205
110 min (Mon-Thu) CAD 270
110 min (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 280

CHI Balance

A gentle massage focusing on vitality, clarity and peace of mind. Techniques include acupressure and coordinated movements rooted in the art of Tai Chi. 

Duration Single
80 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 185
80 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 195

CHI Hot Stone

An ancient healing technique using a combination of warmed stones and oil to ground the body and to restore vitality. This treatment helps to expel coldness and dampness from the body, while alleviating deep-rooted aches. 

Duration Single
80 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 200
80 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 210
110 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 275
110 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 285

Anti-Aging Collagen Facial

Active ingredients keep the skin nourished and firm. This treatment includes a collagen masque, pressure point facial massage, and a tension-releasing shoulder massage for maximum radiance. 

Duration Single
90 mins (Mon-Thu) CAD 210
90 mins (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 215

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. All prices are subject to applicable government taxes and surcharges. Prices are subject to change without notice.