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Sense of Adventure

Sense of Adventure treatments present specialized healing techniques from across Asia. Highlighting our sister spas around the world, these treatments will take you on a journey to the East.

Royal Duality Massage

Experience ultimate luxury with four healing hands. Two practitioners move in synchrony across the body for pure relaxation and energy balance.

Duration Single
90 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 375
90 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 385

Ayurvedic Podikkizhi Massage

Traditionally part of Panchakarma - an ancient Ayurvedic detoxifying ritual - this treatment uses coconut stems, aromatic oils, and specific massage techniques to release toxins and ease muscle tension.

Duration Single
90 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 270
90 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 280

Wushu Massages

Wushu treatments are inspired by Chinese martial arts stretching and restorative body care methods. Each treatment uses movement to open the body's meridians, the key to long-term vitality.   

Wushu Stress Relief Massage 

Wushu stretching and guided deep breathing, followed by a calming Tai Chi massage and muscle warming to release back and shoulder tension

Wushu Toxin Release Massage 

Wushu stretching and guided deep breathing, followed by a purifying oil massage using warm bamboo rollers to release toxins.

Duration Single
90 minutes (Mon-Thu) CAD 240
90 minutes (Fri-Sun & Holidays) CAD 250

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. All prices are subject to applicable government taxes and surcharges. Prices are subject to change without notice.