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Body Therapies & Wraps

CHI Skin Polish

A unique signature treatment rich in mineral salts and oil blends to gently rejuvenate and radiate the skin. This mild scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, removes dry skin cells and encourages the free flow of chi throughout the body.

Duration Single
50 mins CAD 155

Revitalizing Mud Wrap

A mud wrap compensates for the stresses of modern living by re-mineralizing the skin, helping to improve tone, refines skin texture and deep cleanses. With anti-inflammatory properties, regular mud wraps also soothe sore muscles, ease fluid retention and joint stiffness.

Duration Single
1 hr CAD 165

Aromatic Bath

Wonderful precursors to any body therapy, scrub, wraps or massage treatment. Start your journey with a choice of water therapies that suits your personal element.

Duration Single
20 mins CAD 55

Aromatic Steam Shower

Refresh your body in a gentle cloud of steam, infused with the aroma. Ideal before a massage or at any time to cleanse the skin, clear the lungs, promote circulation and invigorate the body.

Duration Single
20 mins CAD 30

 Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. All prices are subject to applicable government taxes and surcharges. Prices are subject to change without notice.