Xi Shi Lounge

A Shangri-La classic with modern accents

Xi Shi Lounge embraces the heritage of Shangri-La while giving it a modern interpretation.

During the day, Xi Shi Lounge is the ideal venue for conducting a casual business meeting or enjoying a traditional afternoon tea set served on the famous Blue Willow china. The elegant ambience of the lounge is further enhanced by classical piano music on weekends.

In the evenings, re-energise and socialise in an intimate setting with soothing live music, delicious evening snacks and innovative cocktails.

Be part of an unforgettable dining experience by planning your visit around the entertainment calendar or booking your table online now.

Every week, join us from Wednesday to Sunday for special performances by Che, our resident tea master, at the following times:   

  • 2pm     Chinese Face-Changing Opera 
  • 4pm     Kung Fu Tea Show    

Che, Xi Shi Lounge's tea master, spent five years mastering Chinese performance arts in Chengdu, his hometown and the capital of Sichuan Province in China. During his training, Che studied the theory of tea, including its history and significance in Chinese culture, and proper tea handling and tasting techniques to become a tea sommelier.   

Kung fu tea originated in Chengdu as a way to pour hot water in crowded areas. It was during the Tang (618 – 907 AD) and Song (960 – 1279 AD) dynasties that kung fu tea shows became a fashionable leisure activity. This tradition continues to this day.

In addition to kung fu tea, Che is accomplished in the art of the face-changing opera, a theatrical performance that originated at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) in Sichuan Province. During a face-changing opera performance, custom masks of various patterns and colours are worn to represent well-known characters from Chinese folktales. Each character has its own symbolic meaning. Che will change masks in the blink of an eye up to nine times during each performance.   


Lobby Level

Operating Hours

Sunday - Thursday
11am - 12midnight

Friday and Saturday
11am - 1am
(seasonal patio from 11am - 11pm)

Traditional Afternoon Tea
Served 7 Days a week 11.30am - 5pm with live classical piano (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Dress Code


Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in Xi Shi Lounge.