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Unique Destination Events

Throw a party with a purpose

Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen, organises professional themed events that are unique to the specific location where they are held and completely bespoke. With stunning locations, resourceful facilities, exceptional service, distinguished menu options, a plethora of themes, and team building activities, the hotel’s professional team strives to make every event success.

Old Rhyme of Cantonese

This theme evokes the warm scenes of old Cantonese style that are visible in black-and-white photographs. Guests will experience the old charms of Cantonese culture from the 70s and 80s, with fluid yet bold Cantonese calligraphy and paintings, elegant and placid poetry, and dazzling traditional folk handicrafts. While enjoying timeless Cantonese songs and unforgettable movie scenes, guests will savour our signature Cantonese dishes, which extract the essence of Chinese and Western cuisine, and play with games and toys from a bygone childhood era. The Old Rhyme of Cantonese theme provides a unique and impressive personal experience, allowing  to all who attend to venture back in time.

Dream Back to Tang Dynasty

Our dream starts in a Tang-style palace setting. Here, a magnificent banquet integrates traditional elements of Chinese culture with Tang Dynasty customs, creating a scene fit for an emperor and his courtiers. Our service colleagues dress in resplendent Tang-style outfits, and various handicrafts are on display. Guests can enjoy traditional Tang-style games, classic music and a Tang-style coffee/tea break, allowing them to journey back in time one thousand years ago to appreciate the stunning beauty of Chinese culture.

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