A Festival of Chinese Flavours

Let The Celebration Begin

A Festival of Chinese Flavours is here, and with it comes a spectacular serving of exquisite dining experiences. Join 18 of Shangri-La's master chefs and savour your way through an epic showcase of six great Chinese culinary traditions.

Our five-day event promises to serve up tantalising signature dishes, masterful contemporary menus and awe-inspiring flavours at Shangri-La hotels across China.

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Six Culinary Traditions

From Tradition to Table

A Celebration of Cantonese Cuisine

At the heart of Cantonese cuisine are fresh, natural flavours inspired by the Guangdong region’s abundant seafood and agriculture.

It’s about the importance of subtlety and letting ingredients speak for themselves. Mild, sweet and surprising, our chefs are masters of preparing the very best Cantonese flavours and delicacies.

Meet our Three Cantonese Chefs

Dine with Mok Kit Keung

at Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan

Chef Mok's passion for crafting authentic Cantonese flavours with a contemporary twist has earned him two Michelin Stars.

Dine with Leung Yu King

at Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang

Chef Leung brings originality and distinctive flavour combinations to the table, having honed his skills at Michelin-starred Summer Palace, Island Shangri-La since 1991.

Dine with Chan Kwok Hung

at Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin

With over 40 years experience, Chef Chan blends traditional cooking techniques, innovative flavours and elaborate presentation to wow and inspire diners.

Beijing's Imperial Treasure

A Celebration of Beijing Duck

Beijing Duck is a cultural symbol of Beijing, and even China itself. Over 400 years old, the much revered imperial dish of roast duck is one of the most memorable in Chinese cooking.

The traditional rites of preparation have been carefully preserved and passed down. Whether by brick oven or hung over open fire, the art of roasting duck is done with utmost care by our master chefs to create the signature crispy skin and moist meat, sliced and served with traditional accompaniments.

Meet our Three Beijing Duck Masters

Dine with Yuan Chaoying

at Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu

A humble custodian of the imperial tradition of Ya Yuan Beijing Duck, Chef Yuan’s mastery of traditional techniques and flavours has earned him countless fans and accolades.

Dine with Wang Zheng

at Shangri-La Hotel, Xiamen

Chef Wang inspires new generations while keeping the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine alive through his signature hung-grilled Beijing duck.

Dine with Li Feng

at Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin

Chef Li’s commitment to authenticity and passion for century-old cooking methods ensures his traditional-style Beijing Duck is roasted to perfection.

On the Spice Trail

A Celebration of Sichuan Cuisine

Hot. Spicy. Intense. While Sichuan cooking is most famous for the bold, mouth-numbing spiciness of peppercorns, garlic and chilli, the rich culinary tradition also offers more nuanced and complex flavours. It’s all about balance.

Our master chefs celebrate all seven key Sichuan flavours through their cooking: salty, bitter, hot, sweet, pungent, sour and aromatic, crafting carefully seasoned dishes.

Meet our Two Sichuan Chefs

Dine with Rick Du

at Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen

Chef Du’s introduction of new cooking techniques to traditional Sichuan recipes gives his dishes a uniquely well-balanced flavour and creative presentation.

Dine with Benson Peng

at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou

Chef Peng’s passion for the freshest local ingredients to balance the fiery flavours of Sichuan delicacies promises diners a mouth-tingling dining experience.

Elegant Style, Exquisite Flavours

A Celebration of Huaiyang Cuisine

Huaiyang cuisine seeks to elevate the original flavour and freshness of each ingredient. Using cooking methods such as stewing, braising and steaming over a low fire for a long period of time, chefs are able to extract maximum flavour.

Classic dishes are elegantly prepared, with emphasis on the way ingredients are sliced. Our chefs will demonstrate their intricate knife skills and mastery of traditional techniques in the preparation of their signature Huaiyang dishes.

Meet our Four Huaiyang chefs

Dine with Anthony Dong

at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin

Chef Dong’s exquisitely prepared Huaiyang dishes are delicate, delicious and beautifully plated to resemble works of art.

Dine with Gao Xiao Sheng

at Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun

Named as one of the “Top 50 Chefs in China,” Chef Gao’s authentic dishes will celebrate the quality, colour and aroma of Huaiyang cuisine.

Dine with Hou Xinqing

at Shangri-La Hotel, Xian

Chef Hou’s intricate knife skills and the light, nuanced flavours of his culinary creations have made him one of China’s most celebrated Huaiyang masters.

Dine with Teddy Xu

at Shangri-La Hotel, Qinhuangdao

Chef Xu promises diners a true taste of Huaiyang cuisine, serving up delicate flavours and dishes made from locally grown ingredients and seasonal produce.

Dainty Bite-sized Delights

A Celebration of Dim Sum

Dim sum is as much a cultural tradition as it is a culinary one. Served with tea, sitting down to enjoy dim sum is a social dining experience with friends and family. It is customary to share small dishes that feature bite-sized portions of different delicacies.

Dim sum chefs need to master a large variety of different dishes and cooking styles, from steaming to roasting and frying. Our masters bring an inventive approach to traditional recipes, celebrating authentic flavours with a modern twist.

Meet our Three Dim Sum Masters

Dine with William Huang

at Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou

Chef Huang adds a contemporary flair to Cantonese dim sum by using both Asian and western ingredients to create intriguing and beautiful bite-sized morsels.

Dine with Tang Man Ming

at Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot

Join Chef Tang for a celebration of Cantonese dim sum, each delicious creation lovingly created from the freshest ingredients using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

Dine with Zeng Yue

at Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou

Having trained with great Hong Kong master chefs, Chef Zeng’s classic dim sum creations will surprise and delight with their traditional Cantonese flavours.

A Sizzling Showcase

A Celebration of Cantonese Barbecue

The centuries old tradition of Cantonese barbecue, or Siu Mei, has its humble origins in the Guangdong region and the fragrant roasted meat with its characteristic colouring is ubiquitous in restaurants and street stalls in Hong Kong.

Our master chefs source the finest quality ingredients and blend traditional roasting techniques with the perfect marinade in order to create the perfect glaze and tender cooked meat.

Meet our Three Cantonese Barbecue Masters

Dine with Loi Tim Ming

at Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian

Chef Loi has gained a loyal following in Hong Kong for his barbecue dishes with their crispy skin, tender meat and tremendous depth of flavour.

Dine with Lake Liao

at Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo

A seasoned chef who has worked throughout China, Chef Liao’s passion and perfection comes through in his choice of ingredients and commitment to traditional flavours and techniques.

Dine with So Lam Yik

at Shangri-La Hotel, Yangzhou

The rich flavours and textures of Chef So’s dishes comes from his intense passion for high quality meat and ingredients from around Asia.

Our Culinary Destinations

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