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A Food Connoisseur Who Brings Innovative Culinary Flair to His Kitchen

Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi

Chef Neeraj Tyagi assumed the role of Executive Chef at Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, New Delhi, in June 2015. Chef Neeraj has more than 15 years of culinary experience and has worked in many renowned luxury hotels, including the Kempinski Hotel in Jordan, The Claridges Hotels & Resorts in New Delhi, The Welcome Group Marriott in New Delhi, The Grand in New Delhi, The Park Royal in New Delhi and The Amrutha Castle in Hyderabad.   

 Chef Neeraj’s cooking style is based on traditional techniques but blended with modern influences. He emphasizes simplicity, freshness and natural textures with cultural influences and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. One of his strengths is discovering rare or unknown ingredients and implementing them in original recipes. His dishes showcase the finest cuts of meat and hard-to-find ingredients that are specially flown in from the remote parts of Europe.    

 Chef Neeraj further expanded his knowledge of food during a journey to Southeast Asia. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards. He was voted as one of the top 25 chefs by Hotelier India (February 2014) at the India Culinary Czar 2014. In 2017, Chef Tyagi was chosen as the runner up for the Executive Chef of the Year by Hotelier India and was also recognized by the prestigious BW Hotelier as the Executive Chef of the Year in the North Zone category. He has also been featured on many culinary shows on various TV channels, including Doordarshan, Pogo Channel, NDTV Good Times, Zee TV and Aaj Tak.    


Chef Neeraj has worked with The Garibaldi, Singapore; Hulhulle Island Hotel, Maldives; Princi London; and Ritz London, and also assisted Michelin-starred Chef Gennaro Vito with opening Toto’s, an Italian fine dining restaurant in London. He is passionate about gastronomy and has had the opportunity to closely work with world-renowned chefs, including David Fenstra of Molecular Gastronomy fame, Frans Dijksman, Dennis Out, Austrian Chef Markus Moser, Spanish Chef Jeorge Acereto and Chef Andreu Genestra. 


For culinary queries, please contact Chef Neeraj Tyagi at neeraj.tyagi@shangri-la.com.