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Omani Heritage Village at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa Experience the true essence of Oman

Our professionally organised, pre-arranged theme parties are the easy way to create a memorable experience. To complement each theme, you may choose a menu that is specially tailored to your guests' needs and preferences. 

For enquiries or to book an event, please call our Events Team on (968) 2477 6245 or email events.muscatbarraljissah@shangri-la.com.  

Omani Theme Night

[The First of Its Kind in Oman]
The Omani Heritage Village at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa provides a glimpse of a traditional Omani rural lifestyle, showcasing an insight of how Omanis lived several decades ago in their villages and small towns. The concept of the Omani Heritage Village was developed in partnership with the Bait al Zubair Museum Foundation and the Omani Craft Authority. The Heritage Village is a major attraction from Shangri-La, and visitors will enjoy being taken on a real journey of heritage, history and culture.

[The Fine Arts at the Omani Heritage Village ]
The Omani Heritage Village is home to 10 local boutiques, offering visitors a great chance to buy traditional Omani artifacts and souvenirs. Omani khanjars (daggers), handmade baskets, pashminas, silverware and silver jewellery are some of the fine artifacts that can be purchased from the boutiques, and all are handmade by local Omani artisans. The boutiques offer a unique experience that allows visitors to watch the artisans craft their wares. In addition, female visitors can experience the art of henna.

[Celebrate Tradition, the Omani Way]
There’s no better way to hold a private event than by hosting it at the Omani Heritage Village. With an open-air area that can accommodate up to 180 people surrounded by the architecture of authentic Omani houses, the venue is ideal for hosting private events, receptions, parties or private group functions. Our dedicated culinary team will cater your event, serving authentic Omani delicacies and signature dishes to ensure your guests enjoy a gourmet journey of unique tastes and textures. To complement the special event, our talented Omani musicians will entertain guests with a variety of traditional musical instruments.

[Be Inspired by Traditional Omani Dances amid Striking Arabian Surroundings]
Indulge at the Omani Heritage Village with a remarkable evening. A traditional journey to Arabia awaits everyone. With Arabian carpets, seats and cushions spread on the floor of the village under a canopy of colourful tents surrounded by Arabian lanterns, can guests embark on a truly Arabian experience like no other. The Arabian mood is elevated with the burning of fragrant frankincense and live dances performed by our talented Omani musicians and dancers. See marvelous performances of popular Arabic instruments, such as the ‘oud’ and traditional Omani bagpipes. The evening will be accompanied by Oman’s delectable barbecued specialities and famous desserts for those with a discerning palate.