Enchanting Excursions

Japan, land of the rising sun, basks in a wealth of inspirational natural beauty.

Volcanic hot springs sprinkled amongst majestic mountain ranges and the rugged coastline have been sought out for their soothing waters for millennia. The graceful countenance of Japanese geisha echoes the serenity of bamboo forests, lush valleys and lost horizons.

Shangri-La Tokyo, presents Enchanting Excursions, an extension of our Meet & Greet service that whisks you away for an overnight stay or one-day experience of Japanese culture and relaxation in a luxurious traditional ryokan.

One-day trips to evoke the exoticism of the Orient.

Hakone Hot Spring Harmony
Sprinkled across the lush green valleys to the west of Mount Fuji lay the enticing natural volcanic waters known as the “Hakone Seventeen Spas.”  Bathe in the onsen of a former imperial family retreat at ryokan Hakone Gora Kadan and dine with a luxury kaiseki multi-course lunch.

Starting from JPY 25,500

Gion Geisha Art Enlightenment
Explore the hometown of Japan’s true artisans, the iconic geisha, with your own private chauffeur and tailor-made route to the sites of the Golden Pavilion and Kiyomizu Temple.
In the evening enjoy geisha entertainment while tasting the finest Kyoto cuisine before returning on bullet train to the Shangri-La Tokyo.

Starting from JPY 114,500
*Available on Fridays

Hot Spring Harmony – KAI Hakone 
A short distance from Hakone-Yumoto Station, KAI Hakone is a hot spring inn situated in a valley on the bank of Sugumo River. Guests can luxuriate in its large riverside bath. A highlight of its service is the classic KAI Hakone Kaiseki traditional cuisine featuring the hotel’s exclusive modern version of the ‘Meiji nabe’ beef bowl that originated in the region in the early days of the Western influence in Japan. 

Starting from JPY 36,500 

Hot Spring Harmony – KAI Atami 
Boasting 160 years of history and tradition, KAI Atami is only 45 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo, AtamiIt has been known for 1,200 years as one of Japan’s ‘Three Great Hot Springs’. The ‘Hot Spring Geisha’ is known as one of the traditions in Atami dance at KAI Atami every weekend. Guests will enjoy seafood fresh from the ocean or French cuisine at the Annex Villa del Sol.  

Starting from JPY 46,000 

Hot Spring Harmony – Hoshino Area in Karuizawa
 Located in Nagano Prefecture and about one hour from Tokyo by bullet train, the Hoshino Area in Karuizawa is a secluded resort surrounded by mountains and forests. Guest will enjoy relaxing in Tombo-no-yu hot spring, exploring the Harunire Terrace, shopping and dining in the woods. 

Starting from JPY 20,000 

  Foodie Tokyo by Walk Japan
Foodie Tokyo is a one-day tour exploring Tokyo’s traditional and delicious food culture, while Kunisaki & Yufuin introduces a historic pilgrimage route for Buddhist and Shintoist monks, an old castle town and onsen – a thermal hot spring.  Alternatively, guests may enjoy Golf near Mount Fuji, a four-day golf tour that includes some excellent play and a stay in Shuzenji to relax at one of Japan’s ryokans.
*For Foodie Tokyo, the length of stay may be adjusted according to the guests’ needs.

The Shangri-La’s guests may:
a. join Walk Japan‘s scheduled tours;
b. use the itinerary of a scheduled tour can be run as a private tour for guests only;
c. Walk Japan can create a customised itinerary in consultation with guests.
Prices for a schedule tour are as advertised on the Walk Japan website.


Wake up to new horizons of bliss in a classical ryokan.

Izu Lagoon Tranquillity
In the tranquil onsen village of Shuzenji lies a timewarp via a remarkable Mon gate and pebbled Genkan path. Combine simplicity and elegance at ryokan Asaba where the crystal clear waters of a lagoon lay at the foot of lush greenery and hot spring baths lie indoors and outdoors.

Starting from JPY 45,000

Kyoto Culture Ambience
Kyoto, Japan's ancient imperial capital, is a city lost in time. Located right next to the 656AD Yasaka Shrine, Yuzuya is in an ideal location for visiting Kyoto's prime attractions. With the ambience of a traditional Japanese inn, soak in yuzu (citrus) baths, suitable for slow relaxation after sightseeing by rickshaw, and take the opportunity for a seasonal kaiseki dinner in an elegant yukata.

Starting from JPY 76,000

Ryugin Ryokan Radiance
The newly opened small luxury ryokan Ryugin offers the ultimate Kyoto exclusivity with just two rooms available for those seeking privacy in the old capital. Uniquely designed to radiate a genuine feeling of classical Kyoto with a modern-era touch, Ryugin embodies the Japanese concept of relaxation and fine local cuisine to create a new sense of Kyoto food and culture.

Starting from JPY 123,000

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