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Unique Destination Events

Your personal event space

Two kilometres of pristine, white beaches, three restaurants in beautiful settings as well as two bars and lounges can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for your personal event.

The islands jungle and beautiful underwater world offer diverse options for your private event, group activity or company event. Group incentive events are incorporated in the resort's CSR activities and enriched with team-building activities and fun competitions. In addition, guests will enjoy unique and unforgettable dining experiences.

Private event, group activity or company event

Dining Events:
Gala dinner under the stars at Serenity Bay or Fashala Sandbank
Beach party reception
BBQ at the southern tip of the Maldives 

Group Activities:
Coral planting
Fishing trip at the equator
Instagram picture competition

Team Building and Island Olympics:
Golf tournament
Cocktail-making competition
Island triathlon - run, bike, paddle
Survival camp: Build a hut the traditional Maldivian way, from palm leaves
Coconut water competition
Mass yoga class on the Water Villa Jetty
Scavenger hunt in the jungle
Scavenger hunt / riddle underwater