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Wellness Through Ayurveda

Appreciate an increase in your peace of mind and happiness with specialised treatments, workshops and holistic experiences. Our wellness programmes give you time and space away from your usual activities to achieve a deeper and more stable perception and inner peace.

All wellness programmes are designed to suit each individual’s needs and concerns. We require a two-week advance reservation. Prior to commencement of the programme, the guest will be scheduled for a one-to-one consultation with our Ayurveda physician. After the health assessment, our Ayurveda physician will design a programme suited for you. 

All packages include the following:

  • An in-depth wellness consultation session with an Ayurvedic doctor to help address your health concerns
  • Finding out your dosha (Ayurvedic body type)
  • Individualised diet and nutrition information
  • Ayurvedic specialised treatment recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendation to establish a daily routine to find mind-body-spirit balance
  • Advice on yoga poses, exercise, meditation and pranayama breathing practices
  • Stress management skills
7 Day Rejuvenation Package

This revitalising programme will instil a new zest for life. Package includes our signature massages, reflexology, acupressure, yoga, meditation, special Ayurvedic treatments for de-stressing, refreshing packs and soothing hydrotherapy treatments. 

Duration Single
7 days USD 2170

14 / 21 Days Weight Loss Through Ayurveda

A practical diet programme combined with special Ayurvedic weight loss treatments, specific yogic exercises and weight reducing hydrotherapy treatments. The package is individually designed to help you lose weight. 

Price is available after Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Prices are quoted per person in US dollars. All prices are subject to 10% service charge, prevailing tax and GST, and are subject to change without notice.