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Abhyanga Experience Package

An Abhyanga is followed by Swedana (a herbal steam) and Ubtan (body mud masque) to enhance circulation and release impurities through the skin. In Ayurveda, the senses are recognised to be the portals to the mind. In Shirodhara, warm herbalized oil is gently poured in a steady stream over your forehead, calming the senses and turning them inwards, thereby bringing clarity and peace to the mind.

Duration Single
2 hours, 15 minutes (+ shower time) USD 320

Pizichili Experience Package

The same as the Abhyanga package, except instead of Abhyanga, you will receive a Pizichili massage with slightly less pressure but with more oil. In Ayurvedic practices, this combination of Pizichili and Shirodhara is highly valued for treating stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Duration Single
2 hours, 15 minutes (+ shower time) USD 350

Ubtan/Shirodhara Package

The treatment starts with Swedana (a herbalized steam) that increases your blood circulation and opens your pores and is followed by an Ayurvedic Ubtan (herb mud masque) applied to your body. We stimulate some marma points (Ayurvedic acupressure points) to strengthen the mind/body connection and bring a healthy influence to the internal organs. After an Ayurvedic facial massage with marma point stimulation and application of Ubtan, we finish with a Shirodhara to calm the senses and turn them inwards.

Duration Single
2 hours (+ shower time) USD 300

Ayurveda Wellness Immersion

Starting with a brief wellness consultation with our Resident Naturopathic doctor, she will design a personal journey using customized oils tailored for your needs. Experience the benefit of two skilled therapists rhythmically relieving fatigue and stress from head to toe. Enjoy private relaxation time in your private spa garden with light refreshments and snacks. The benefits of this immersion lasts far beyond the experience itself.
30min Consultation, 60min Abhyanga, 45min Choornakizhi or Undwarthanam (as prescribed by doctor), 45min Shirodhara, 30min Mini Facial, 15min Foot Marma Point Massage, 15min Relaxation Time 

Duration Single
4 hours USD 600

Multi-Day Rejuvenation Programme

For guests wishing to experience Ayurvedic rejuvenation at its best, a multi-day wellness programme is available. Imagine a nurturing and luxurious 5-7 days designed specifically for you.
*Priced according to treatments selected 

All policies and prices may change without notice. Prices are subject to a service charge and prevailing taxes.