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Seasonal Attraction

Discover the wonders of Lhasa

The rich natural resources and diversified culture of Lhasa provide a wide range of experiences for leisure travellers.

01-Bird Watching at Lalu Wetland
Bird Watching at Lalu Wetland

01-Black-necked Crane Watching at Linzhou County
Black-necked Crane Watching at Linzhou County

02-Butter Lamp Festival, Chunga Choepa
Butter Lamp Festival, Chunga Choepa

02-Tibetan New Year
Tibetan New Year

03-Peach Blossom at Nyingchi
Peach Blossom at Nyingchi

04-Photography Season in Nyingchi
Photography Season in Nyingchi

05-Dregung Monastery Religious Dance
Dregung Monastery Religious Dance

05-Tsurphu Monastery Religious Dance
Tsurphu Monastery Religious Dance

06-Wencheng Princess Outdoor Opera
Wencheng Princess Outdoor Opera

07-Tashi-Lunpo Thangka Unfolding Ceremony
Tashi-Lunpo Thangka Unfolding Ceremony

08-Gandan Monastery Thangka Unfolding Ceremony
Gandan Monastery Thangka Unfolding Ceremony

09-Shoton Festival Launch Day
Shoton Festival Launch Day

09-Yerpa Monastery Thangka Unfolding Ceremony
Yerpa Monastery Thangka Unfolding Ceremony

10-Golden Autumn Photography
Golden Autumn Photography

11-Kongpo Tibetan New Year
Kongpo Tibetan New Year

11-Lha-Bab Duchen
Lha-Bab Duchen

11-Palden Lhamo Festival
Palden Lhamo Festival

12-Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival, Ganden Ngachu
Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival, Ganden Ngachu