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Massage Therapy

All these massages can be enjoyed in the comfort of your room for a minimum surcharge of MYR 60.

Traditional Aromatic Massage

This traditional Malay treatment restores balance and relieves stress with aromatic essential oils.

Duration Single
1 hr MYR 198
1 hr 30 min MYR 290

Oriental Deep Tissue Shiatsu Indulgence

This treatment is a combination of a Japanese and Chinese deep tissue dry massage. It stimulates reflexology points to relieve stress and energy blockages.

Duration Single
1 hr MYR 220
1 hr 30 min MYR 320

Meridian Massage Therapy

This treatment uses a magnetic rod to unblock meridian points and activate the qi. It reduces water retention, relieves tension on the neck, shoulders and back, enhances sleeping quality, and boosts energy.

Duration Single
1 hr MYR 390
1 hr 30 min MYR 580

Jet Lag Recovery Massage

This deep tissue dry massage treats the head, neck and shoulders.

Duration Single
30 min MYR 120
60 min MYR 220

Double The Pleasure Hot Stone Massage

This treatment combines Swedish massage and hot stone therapy.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 min MYR 360

Foot Recovery Massage

Reflexology points are stimulated to relieve heaviness and promote general health.

Duration Single
40 min MYR 110
1 hr MYR 160

 All prices are in Malaysian ringgit. All prices include a Goods & Services Tax.