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Good to Know

Make an appointment with your wellbeing


We recommend reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

Arrive early

Arrive early to fully enjoy the spa facilities and pre-treatment regimes. We recommend that you arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your appointment.

Pre-treatment regime

Take a rejuvenating plunge in the hot whirlpool or detoxify and relax at the sauna or steam room before your appointment.

What to wear

We provide you with a personal locker complete with a comfy robe, slippers and amenities.

During all treatments, areas of the body not being worked on are covered to protect your privacy.


Kindly place your valuables in the hotel’s safe deposit boxes. We are not liable for losses.

Special health concerns

Please notify the receptionist if you have any special health concerns or allergies, or if you are pregnant. Treatment will be customized to suit your condition.

Cancellation policy

If you choose to cancel, please inform us at least four hours ahead, so that we may re-schedule other appointments.

If you cancel less than four hours before your appointment, a 50% charge for treatment fees applies.

Late arrival

A late arrival will shorten your treatment, which will be carried out to the appointed time and no later.

We cannot delay treatments for other guests scheduled after you. The full treatment rate will still apply.


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10am – 10pm