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Putrajaya embodies the country's heritage. The city's Malaysian soul and spirit come alive through its design and architecture.


Citizens of the United States, Canada, and most Arab, Commonwealth and European countries do not need visas for visits of less than three months. You may view entry requirements by country of origin by clicking on the link below.

View visa information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia


The Malaysian currency is the ringgit, divided into 100 sen (cents). The currency is abbreviated both as RM and MYR.

While credit cards are accepted in hotels and department stores, expect to pay in cash in rural areas.

Here are the most recent exchange rates for some common currencies:

Here are the most recent exchange rates for some common currencies.

MYR 1.00 equals:

Exchange Rates Currency
0.32 Australian Dollar (AUD)
0.21 Euro (EUR)
0.18 British Pound (GBP)
1.89 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
15.69 Indian Rupee (INR)
27.16 Japanese Yen (JPY)
0.35 New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
1.60 Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB)
0.33 Singapore Dollar (SGD)
0.24 US Dollar (USD)


Hotels and restaurants add a government tax of 6% and a service charge of 10%.


Tipping is not customary in Malaysia.

Business Hours

Though Malaysia is an Islamic country, offices observe a Monday to Friday schedule.

Bank Hours
9.30am - 4pm, Monday through Friday

Office Hours
9.30am - 4pm (Government)
8.30am - 5.30pm (Commercial)

Shop Hours
11am - 10pm, Monday through Sunday

Public Health

Check with your local doctor or health care professional about vaccination requirements before you plan your trip.

Ensure that food is well cooked, and consume only bottled mineral water outside the hotel.


Lightweight clothing is ideal. A shirt, jacket and tie are normal business attire. Shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless garments for women are not advisable in rural areas or places of worship


Putrajaya has a typically tropical climate of warm, sunny weather throughout the year. Rain is most frequent from November to January, but can be expected in any month.


High: °C / °F
Low: °C / °F


High: °C / °F
Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
High: °C / °F Low: °C / °F
Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 32ºC 23ºC
Feb 33ºC 23ºC
Mar 33ºC 24ºC
Apr 33ºC 24ºC
May 33ºC 24ºC
Jun 33ºC 24ºC
Jul 32ºC 24ºC
Aug 32ºC 24ºC
Sep 32ºC 24ºC
Oct 32ºC 24ºC
Nov 32ºC 24ºC
Dec 32ºC 23ºC

1.4 million

Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Time Zone
GMT + 8 hours

Metric System

220 / 240 volts

Plug Type

Mobile Phones
GSM 1800