Press Release


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts' China Chefs Challenge

Five Chinese Executive Chefs with more than 100 years of experience between them will gather in Beijing to compete in the final of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts' Chinese Master Chefs Culinary Challenge on Thursday, 20 June 2013 at China World Hotel, Beijing.

With three two-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants and a global reputation for serving the finest Chinese cuisine at its signature Shang Palace and Summer Palace restaurants, Hong Kong-based Shangri-La takes its Chinese cooking very seriously, and the competition to win the title of "Shangri-La's Chinese Master Chef" will be fierce.

Having faced 28 counterparts from Shangri-La's mainland China hotels in five regional rounds in April and May this year to stake a coveted place in June's final, the five Chinese Executive Chefs will prepare two Chinese dishes of their choice in the Beijing competition: one to showcase innovation and the other to fully embrace a traditional cooking method.

The competing chefs are Jia Zhenggui from Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao; Sham Yun Ming from Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing; Rick Du from Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu; Hans Lin from Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai; and Jacky Chan Kwok Hung from Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.

"The event appreciates the international level of skill and flair attained by our chefs, and strives to nurture home-grown talents while developing the chefs' careers within Shangri-La," said Lawrence McFadden, Shangri-La's group director of food and beverage.  "With three two-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants in the group, we believe that recognition such as this will inspire and propel our Chinese chefs even further."

The decision of nominating Shangri-La's Chinese Master Chef falls upon a panel of judges, including four influential Beijing-based food critics, and the senior management from Shangri-La.

All ten dishes will be tasted and graded according to ten criteria, which include colour of dish, cooking skill, taste, aroma, food temperature, combined ingredients, choice of flatware and more.  Each chef will have the opportunity to personally explain his thoughts and the inspiration for his entries and to answer questions from the panel.  The announcement of Shangri-La's Chinese Master Chef will be made immediately after the challenge on 20 June 2013.

In its second year since it was staged in 2011, the Chinese Master Chefs Culinary Challenge is a platform for Shangri-La's Chinese Executive Chefs to gain additional skills and exchange techniques with their colleagues. 

香港を拠点とし、世界トップのホテル企業の1つであるシャングリ・ラ ホテルズ&リゾーツは現在、「シャングリ・ラ」のブランド名で、98軒のホテルを所有・運営し、総客室数40,000以上を有しています。40年に渡り当グループでは、「シャングリ・ラ ホスピタリティーは人を思う心から」の精神をもってお客様をおもてなししてきました。現在当グループは、中国、カンボジア、インド、ミャンマー、フィリピン、サウジアラビア、スリランカでプロジェクトが進行中です。ご予約やご質問等は各旅行代理店、またはまでお問合せください。