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Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou Cares About Orphaned And Disabled Children’s Psychological Health

Shangri-La Hotel group committed to the “Embrace” project launched in September 2009. Each of its hotels would select one institution engaged in children's health or education and develop a long-term cooperation with that institution.

As a member of the Shangri-La Hotel group, Traders Fudu Hotel makes a long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility with great support from the hotel’s owner, the Qiaoyu Group. The hotel has established the "Traders Fudu Family" at the Children’s Welfare House in Changzhou.  The hotel will donate RMB100,000 for the salary of five “simulation family parents” every year, from whom the children can enjoy the love of parents and the warmth of a family.  In addition, the hotel promises to care about the lives, studies and psychological health of the children from “Traders Fudu Family” and other children in the institute continuously.
On 30 May 2013, just before International Children's Day, the hotel invited three psychological doctors from the First People's Hospital of Changzhou to perform a psychological evaluation of the orphaned and disabled children from "Traders Fudu Family," as a special way to celebrate Children's Day for the children – by letting them grow in a healthy condition, both physically and mentally.

On the event day, the psychological evaluation held at Jin Ling Ting and Lan Ling Ting on hotel’s third floor.  Accompanied by the teachers from Children's Welfare House, the children received the psychologists’ assessment one by one.  The evaluation report will be a comprehensive analysis of the children's psychological status and problems.  It aims to help the Children's Welfare Institution’s teachers and simulation "moms and dads" understand the children's psychological problems, so they can help the children grow up healthy and strong.

At the same time, at Long Cheng Ge on the hotel’s third floor, drinks and snacks were prepared for the children.  Meanwhile, the volunteers played games with children who have not been assessed yet.  The hotel will also prepare brushes and papers to let the kids play with their imagination by painting the beautiful world in their hearts.  The children's paintings will also be displayed in the Children's Painting Competition on Children's Day at the Coffee Garden, along with other children's paintings.  After the activity, the children and teachers enjoyed a fancy dinner at Tian Xiang Lou to end a nice day.

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