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The Nishimura’s 12th Anniversary Celebration
The Nishimura’s 12th Anniversary Celebration

The Nishimura’s 12th Anniversary Celebration
Traders Fudu hotel, Changzhou has held Nishimura’s 12th Anniversary Celebration on 16 March, 2017 at 6 o’clock. Japanese Head Chef Hideo Morinaga had an exciting fish- cutting show which inherits Japanese tradition and also represents auspicious meaning and delighted guests with a visual and gastronomic presentation. Everyone had a pleasant time here.
This month, Japanese Head Chef Hideo Morinaga has selected fresh ingredients to present you with exquisite dishes, such as Grilled Oyster and Bamboo-shoot and Vegetables with Sweet Soy Sauce、Simmered Crab Legs and vegetables with Egg and Simmered Small Lobster and Slice Bamboo-shoot with Miso Soup. Present a delicious gourmet tour at Nishimura for guests.
The headquarter of Shang-ri La group is located in Hong Kong. In the present, it owns and manages over 90 hotels, and over 37000rooms. Trader aims to provide convenient seivice and friendly atmosphere for travelers. The brand is spread over Asia-pacific and central Asian business core, and becomes the first choice for guests. 
 In the present, the group has this brand hotel in Abu Dhabi, Beijing Changzhou, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Male, Manila, Qingcheng, Shenyang ,Singapore, Rangoon, Brisbane, and plane to open a new store in Doha. In addition, the group also has many new hotel programs in the process, mainly spread over the mainland China, India, Mongolia republic, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka and UK. If you want more information, please contact with travelling agents or online the Traders website
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