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Green Supply Chain at Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou
Green Supply Chain at Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou

Honoured by CNTA, Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou has become the first international five-star hotel in the city, managed by the biggest luxury hotel group in the Asia-Pacific region – the Shangri-La Hotel group.

Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou always adheres to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) project of the Shangri-La Hotel group, insisting on more green procurements, and benefiting suppliers and consumers through responsible purchasing.

In early 2013, the hotel’s Purchasing Department began selecting suppliers from Changzhou’s famous peach township, Xueyan. The department investigated many aspects, such as the orchard area, fertiliser appication, peach management, product quality, sweetness and packaging, finally selected one peach supplier.

The supplier fertilises the peach trees with organic manure, resulting in big and extremely sweet honey peaches. In addition, all the peaches are shipped directly to the hotel, eliminating the complex intermediate links and benefiting both suppliers and customers. The hotel also sends chefs to the orchard regularly to check the quality of the peaches and conduct peach picking. The peaches are shuttled daily from Xueyan to the hotel, ensuring that the freshest peaches are delivered to the guests’ table every day. The hotel also offers boxed peaches for the guests to take away.

In July, ushering in the peach maturing season, the head of the hotel’s CSR programme, Ms. Jiang Lihong, and the Chinese executive chef went to Xueyan to implement a peach assault quality inspection on the signed farmers. The executive chef picked and conducted quality testing of the peaches on the spot. After the inspection, the peaches proven without pesticide residues were completely accorded with the standard of green food.

The hotel’s green food supply chain not only meets the customers’ requirements for green, pollution-free food, but also supports Changzhou’s local characteristic agriculture development to help growers generate profits, thus achieving a win-win-win situation for growers, hotels and customers.

Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou will continue to promote the green food supply chain programme to allow guests to enjoy the ultimate benefits and further improve the hotel's service philosophy.

シャングリ・ラ ホテルズ&リゾーツは、さまざまなステークホルダーの関心のバランスをとりながら、経済的、社会的、そして環境的な責任を持った運営に専念し続けています。企業レベルによる企業の社会的責任(CSR)委員会は、コーポレート・シティズンシップ(社会の一員としての企業の責任・義務)や環境維持開発におけるリーダー的存在を目指しながら、環境、健康と安全、社員、サプライヤー、ステークホルダーとのかかわりといった戦略的分野における企業としての取り組みを促進しています。サステナビリティの取り組みのもと、シャングリ・ラの社会的責任プログラムは、「エンブレイス」と「サンクチュアリ」の主要部分として実施されています。「エンブレイス」は、恵まれない地域社会における最高レベルの教育や健康支援を促進することを目指す、シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ピープル・プロジェクトに重点を置いています。シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ネイチャー・プロジェクトに集中する「サンクチュアリ」プログラムは、生物多様性の保護や回復を促進しています。詳細に関しましては、ウェブサイトのCSRセクションをご覧ください。