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Miantiao Restaurant

Miantiao is inspired by the real-life story of Dario and his neighbour Mr. Wong — neither of whom spoke English when they met but forged a friendship over food without the need for spoken words. They shared the same values and taught each other about the culinary diversities and rituals of each of their respective homelands. Dario was particularly interested in the Chinese food markets in Vancouver and became curious about various ingredients and foods that, while foreign, were still somehow familiar. Whether it was spices, food products or simply a culinary philosophy, Dario quickly grew fond of this beautiful and likeminded culture, yet still continued to cook in the only style he knew: Italian.

Miantiao looks to celebrate this idea. When we look back through history we see that the ties that bind run deep and so much of what we now consider Italian staples first took root in China. Our pantry is filled with the best ingredients available to us from Italy and China as well as our own backyard. A pantry like ours encourages playful experimentation, and while we cook with an Italian mindset, we do so without any restrictions, rules or boundaries.

Beyond the food, we celebrate the idea of family style eating — another shared cultural bond. Our à-la-carte menu is available if you’d like to choose your own dining adventure, but our intention at Miantiao is our fai tu! service. ‘Fai tu’ is something Italians say when they know the chef and ask him simply to cook for them — not unlike what you would experience in your own home or while on an unknown adventure with that “expert” friend. Let us choose for you. Let us cook for you!



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