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CHI Signature Massages

These therapies have been developed to completely relax the mind and revitalise the body.

CHI Balance

This gentle, yet penetrating palm-pressure massage focuses on providing vitality, clarity and peace of mind. It is the best treatment for jetlag and insomnia.

Duration Single
90 min QAR 780

CHI Hot Stone Massage

This treatment uses heated basalt stones and combines all the benefits of thermotherapy with gliding massage strokes for a warm, relaxing experience. Strokes along the body's meridians with warm stones will ease aching muscles, expel coldness and dampness and restore vitality.

Duration Single
120 min QAR 950
90 min QAR 790

CHI Foot Reflexology

This foot massage improves vitality by stimulating blood circulation and relieving stress.

Duration Single
45 min QAR 350
60 min QAR 550

CHI Rescue Release

Customise your treatment to quickly relieve muscle tension in specific areas. Select either or both of the massages below.

  • Back Massage
  • Head Massage
Duration Single
30 min QAR 350