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We've brought some Mediterranean magic into our kitchen!

Santorini’s menu showcases dishes from countries that depend on the Mediterranean Sea for their food, with a strong emphasis on the Greek islands.

Utilizing rich culinary traditions, tried-and-tested products, flavoursome spices and cooking techniques passed down through generations, the culinary team serves up specialities to delight discerning diners.

Santorini Bar 

Happy Hour (3pm-12am) 

  • QAR 25
  • Selection of beers, wine and Ouzo

Come and join us to enjoy your favourite sports matches at Santorini Bar.


(974) 4429 5295


Level 1

Operating Hours

12noon - 3pm (Tue - Sun)

Friday Shangtastic Brunch
12.30pm - 4pm (Level 2)

6.30pm - 11.30pm (Fri)

Closed on Monday

Dress Code


Smoking Policy

Santorini accommodates both smoking and non-smoking guests.