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Charming attractions for every traveller

Souq Waqif 

With its maze of stone alleyways and the scent of shisha, the Souq Waqif exudes an old-world charm. Dozens of shops sell perfumes, incense, traditional Qatari clothing, shoes, jewellery, spices and dried fruits. Visitors can enjoy a range of local and international cuisines at the souq’s restaurants and coffee shops, along with art galleries, falcon shops and pet stores.

Gold Souq  

A visit to the Gold Souq, behind the Alfardan Centre, is not to be missed. Small shops are filled with glittering bangles, rings, necklaces and Qatari bridal jewellery – a majority of the accessories are made of 22-carat gold, as well as precious stones and pearls that recall Qatar’s past as a pearling nation.

Sheikh Faisal Collection 

The spectacular Sheikh Faisal collection, housed in a 17,000 sqm museum, features more than 15,000 unique artefacts such as ancient Islamic manuscripts and archaeological treasures, as well as a fascinating collection of historic cars that includes a 19th-century steam vehicle. The museum’s pavilions also display religious objects from a diversity of faiths. 

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 21ºC 14ºC
Feb 23ºC 15ºC
Mar 27ºC 18ºC
Apr 32ºC 23ºC
May 38ºC 25ºC
Jun 39ºC 28ºC
Jul 41ºC 30ºC
Aug 41ºC 30ºC
Sep 39ºC 27ºC
Oct 35ºC 24ºC
Nov 30ºC 20ºC
Dec 26ºC 17ºC