The Children's Village

Golden Flower Hotel, Xian

Under the umbrella of sustainability, Golden Flower Hotel, Xian’s Embrace Project focuses on Shangri-La’s Care for People Project, which aims to promote the highest level of education and health support for Shan Xi Province Hui Gui Yan Jiu Hui Children’s Village, located in Bai Lu Yuan, in the suburb of Xian. The village has been set up by a charitable organisation for those children whose parents are serving a prison sentence.

The hotel organises regular visits to the village and coordinates various activities to enhance the children’s living conditions, such as repair works and interactive, fun activities. Through this, the hotel hopes all the children who lack parental love and care can feel the same warmth of belonging to a home and family.

Infrastructure Development  

In the past four years, the hotel has assisted with a number of activities aimed at the upgrade and maintenance of the facilities at the Children’s Village, such as painting, air conditioning maintenance, computer repairs and setting up a basketball court and library.

Nutrition and Education go hand in hand  

Hotel volunteers visit the Children’s Village regularly with nutritious food to ensure the children receive all the necessary vitamins needed to grow up into healthy and able adults. Other volunteers visit the children to coach them with homework and improving their study skills.

Latest News 

In April 2013, volunteers from the hotel visited the Children’s Village to help with homework and carry out long-awaited haircuts.

Join Us  

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