Starting a new life in Jakarta

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Pesantren Khusus Yatim As-Syafiiyah Orphanage cares for children between the ages of 6 – 16 years of age, who have suffered from racial outbreaks and social and natural disasters in various parts of Indonesia.

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta's colleagues have been lending their time and expertise in rebuilding their sleeping quarters, kitchen and dining area and washrooms. They have also created a newly revamped playground area. With plans to implement their own herb and vegetable garden, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta aims for this new venture to not only be an educational tool but a means to subsidise the orphanage’s food costs.

Raising Awareness

As part of a series of events celebrating Shangri-La Jakarta’s 18th anniversary, the hotel hosted a Charity Golf Tournament, inviting selected clients from the hotel’s business community, including both government and Golden Circle members. A considerable amount of more than US$20,000 was successfully raised through auctions, raffle tickets and cash donations. Proceeds from this event will be used to support the 307 orphans from 17 provinces in Indoneasia, who stay at the Pesantren Khusus Yatim As-Syafiiyah Orphanage.

Daily Life Quality Improvement

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta contributed 300 sets of eating utensils for the orphans at As-Syafiiyah after a special visit made to the complex. The contribution enables the children to have meals together whereas previously only some of the children could enjoy their meals while the others waited due to the limited amount of utensils.

Latest News

With a comprehensive plan currently in the pipeline, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta aims to improve As-Syafiiyah's main kitchen by providing them with necessary kitchenware, appropriate washing areas and training for the orphanage kitchen staff on how to provide nutritious meals for the children.

Join Us

Visit or contribute to the Pesantren Khusus Yatim As-Syafiiyah Orphanage.

For details, please contact:
Henricus Comet
Training Manager
Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
(62 21) 2939 9660